"Holy, Holy, Holy" - Our Choice

Through the culmination of teaching Biblical Creation in the prison with the help of materials from the Institute for Creation Research (icr.org) and Answers in Genesis (answersingenesis.org), there is a path of interest that I wish to explore at the beginning of 2011.

Isaiah 6:3 declares, “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory.”

This proclamation was expressed by the seraphim with six wings, surrounding the Lord on His Throne. They were declaring the holiness of God, but they were saying that the earth is full of the result. So what might one expect to see on Earth as the result of the holiness of God?

I believe that one expression of the holiness of God on earth pertains to the detail of the creation. As we look around us, we see beauty. Just as God beheld His creation and declared it to be good, so we, made in His image have been granted a mind to reason the same. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? This verse points out that the glory of the Lord is on the earth despite how man beholds it. This logically leads to the question of how each man beholds the earth. One man beholds it with awe and gives glory to the Creator. In fact, the deeper he looks, the more he is compelled to give God more glory. Another man beholds it and does not give it much thought. Still another man beholds it and puts it in his unsatisfactory box. The latter seeks to add something else to the picture... his own imaginations or that of others... namely, in this age, Biological Macro-Evolution.

Sadly, this is a picture of our culture in the current day. There is a prevailing mentality that seems to pursue more and more in the imaginations of man's own heart without stopping to give thanks to God. Let me illustrate this with an example from science. Recently at an ICR event, Dr. Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D., gave an excellent presentation of the human reproductive system and the complex system that God created to make it possible for you and I to be born. Filled with awe, the crowd, in heart and with voice, declared praise to God. But for the evolutionist, this is just part of Grey's Anatomy, just another process that must exist as part of the Darwinian Evolution Imagination. The end result is the unknown, a god of evolution. The unknown is the draw. Once something is known, they stick it in the books and follow on to the next unknown. This process will continue indefinitely since they are in constant rejection of the truth... that behind all of the intricacies, all of the wonders of the unknown, is the Almighty Lord, maker of Heaven and Earth.

You can see the two paths of scientific discovery emerge. The Christian worships God for each discovery and how it shows the glory of God in the earth. He is inspired to continue the pursuit of the unknown, while seeking God's help. Why, because he knows that God knows. On the other hand, the evolutionist has the sense of man's conquering of knowledge... that somehow, he is unraveling the mystery to one day sit atop of it all. The result should be evident... The Christian worships God, while the evolutionist exalts mankind.

Here is the irony... in the end, it is the "foolish", by this worlds standards, those who choose to give God glory and to believe in Him, who will be lifted up to God. They will "know" as they are known by God. They will enjoy the Creator who they gave glory to and experience God's eternal presence. On the other hand, those who reject God will be given a place, where they can sit atop of what they gave glory to... the unknown and self. Possibly, they can worship self and the unknown forever, each by himself.

At the start of this new year, the choice is before us all. Who will we worship? Choose wisely.

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