The Irresistible Song

Music is a very mathematically quantifiable field. In this realm of our existence, generally the nature of sound that we can hear involves frequencies in the range of 20Hz-20000Hz. But how those frequencies can be combined with various amplitudes and rhythms to produce a whole myriad of unique and interesting types of sounds is awe-inspiring. That God would gift us with this capability to hear and discern music and voice is truly a blessing.
In the intimacy that we share with our spouse or parent or friend, we often take for granted that we can distinguish them by their voice characteristics or even their style of footsteps. You may have seen moments where deaf people have been given devices that let them for the first time hear their loved ones. The emotion and tears are often uncontrollable. But what if our lives are like that. What if we have lived in this world and never before had the sense of knowing God? What if suddenly, this sense was awakened in you, how would you react?
The Lord Jesus has a “song” that has been playing in His creation since the beginning. But for all of us, it has been obscured by our fallen nature and that of the resulting fallen creation itself. We don’t recognize the song. Rather, we hear a noisy and confusing song, which often drives us away from the notion of knowing the Creator. In fact, we may hate the possibility of His Existence and Presence so much that we shake our fist at Him. We are listening to the noisy chaos of our own song, and we have derived some form of pleasure from it. We are scared to not listen to it, for we don’t know what will happen without it.
But what if in the midst of that painful noise, a song emerged that for the first time caught your attention. What catches your attention is that the song is playing with the same struggling tune that you have been hearing in your life. That song speaks of the painful circumstances that Jesus endured after having given himself in service to so many people around Him. But the song takes a sudden turn into the most despairing tune you’ve ever heard. That the Creator of the Universe has been subjected to the same horrible song that has been ringing in your head grabs your attention. But then something happens. The song has stopped. In the midst of wondering what is happening, you realize that Jesus died. With it, He ended the song that has been troubling you. The dramatic pause is so suspenseful, for now there is no song playing at all.
When all seems lost, the most beautiful song becomes discernable to your ears. It is a curious song. It is a new song. You are immediately filled with the desire to not let this song get away, for you never want to breathe another breath without it. It is a song of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The song speaks of His irresistible love for you. It speaks of never having to fear again, even in the midst of dire circumstances. It speaks of life, like you have never heard before. It promises eternal life with the Musician playing the song.
No thing from this world is of any true value as you sit in the presence of the Musician playing the beautiful song. Suddenly you are aware that you are not alone listening to this song, for surrounding you is a group of others enjoying the song. After some time, the Musician calls your name and asks you to play the song as well. You are concerned that you will mess it up. But he assures you that if you keep listening to His song, you will be able to play it. Others are playing it as well, and this encourages you. Of course the old instruments that you liked to play music with are worthless in this new song, because they are not able to produce the notes and sounds. You find yourself learning more and more of the song. Its intricacies seem endless. Your purpose in life becomes clearer. Your goals have changed. You are now more aware of what goes on around you. As you continue your life, you share the song with others, but you quickly realize that they are listening to their own horrible songs. You play it carefully and respectfully that others might finally hear. And you ask the Musician that He might allow them to hear it as well. It is a beautiful song. It is now even irresistible. It is the song of True Love.
“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8
“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.” John 11:25